Thursday, September 10, 2015

Xuemie Gao

Plum blossom and Snow

            A name is the first gift that your parents give to you and it is the first love from your family members. I have a beautiful name which was given to me by my father. My name is Xuemei Gao, and I love this name very much. Please do not ask me why my family name is Gao because I inherited it from my father and my father got this from my grandfather. It means high, and there was a dynasty called Gao in ancient China. In addition, my first name includes a kind of special flower, which blooms in the cold winter. I heard a story from my grandmother many years ago. When my father carried me home from the hospital, he was surprised to see a line of plum trees. There were a number of red plum blossom flowers in the tree with white snow. Therefore, he did not hesitate about his daughter`s name anymore. He decided to give Xuemei to me as my first name, which means “Plum blossom flowers with innocent snow”, and he was so proud to give me this wonderful name.

            In fact, I love my name just like I love my family. Moreover, I miss my hometown, which has plum blossoms and snow in the white winter.

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