Thursday, September 10, 2015


           My name is Miaoming. It means wonder, magic and hope in Chinese, but it means nothing in English. Even though my name is full of many good meanings, I did not like it at all when I was young because the pronunciation of my name sounds like the voice of a cat. In addition, in my childhood, some of my classmates sometimes made fun of my name. At the time, I was unhappy every day and did not like to play with my classmates.
        One day, I asked my mother why gave this name to me and whether I could I had a chance to change my name. My mother smiled at once and said, “You should not care too much about what people think about your name. You name was the wonderful name in the world as if it is pretty note in music.” She explained more, “Miao means excellent and marvelous. Ming means clear and wise. I gave this name because I wanted you have a wonderful and colorful life whatever how your life hard, you can able to overcome setbacks in your life. If you can comprehend the meanings behind your name, you will like it the future.” Therefore, after she said that, I did not say anything and just walked away.
         Many years later, as I grew up, I realized that I was very satisfied about my name. I understand the pronunciation of my name is not very important because it cannot define who I really am. The importance is how much I understand the meaning of my name. Thus, I like my name very much because it has made me think a lot about my name and notice how my parent intelligent for giving this name to me.     

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