Wednesday, September 9, 2015

Joseph, Mary's husband name.

Jose Espino
Wednesday, September 9th, 2015

My Name
    My name doesn't have a specific meaning at all, but it means a lot to me because this has been a traditional name in my family for generations. It was my great – grandfather's name, then it was my grandfather's name, then my father's name, and it could sound funny, but it's my step father's name too. I wonder if I will follow this tradition in the future with my sons.
    I think Jose doesn't sound bad at all, but sometimes I get confused because there are times that I think I would have liked being named differently because my name is a really common name in my country. Sometimes I think it's kind of cool because it always reminds me  of my father all the time who I love so much. Besides that, I think I like my name because it's really easy to pronounce in the US. Also, this name has story because it was a very common name during the Roman Empire and  catholic culture. Joseph was Mary's husband's name. My great – grandparents were very catholic people, so when my grandfather was born, he was my great – grandparents' first son, they had to choose a name for him related to the catholic religion. That was why they named my grandfather Jose, and it has been passed down to my father then to me.
    I think It would be really cool to change my name, but I feel and think that it could be disrespectful to my father. Nevertheless, I'm still happy and proud of it!



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