Thursday, September 10, 2015

 Who am I
There was an extraordinary warm spring in 1988. A baby was born under the family expectations who was the only girl of the family. Her family named her Miao. The baby was me. My full name is Miao Liu. The pronunciation of Miao sounds like a cat. It’s a common name in China, but it is a unique name for me and I really like it. Nevertheless, I am shy to say my name. I never realized the reason until now.
In Chinese my name means vast. My parents wanted me to be a broad-minded person. In general, the people can achieve the great things who are broad-minded. Likewise, they wanted me to have a good future. Before I was born, they took a week to look up the dictionary for my name. As a Chinese word, my first name was composed of three Chinese character “water” which put the three “water” together and looked like a mountain. Meanwhile, they expected me to have a clear conscience as pure as water, because life will be a sweet and joyful thing for one who has a pure conscience.

My family has placed high hopes on me and has given all the best to me including the name. I was so lucky that I had such a good name which had positive energy. I love my name and enjoy the love from my family.