Thursday, September 10, 2015

Weihao Zhong- Successful Life

                                                                 Successful Life
         Every name has its own meaning. I thought about my name in elementary school. In Chinese class, I read an article about the origin of names and wrote an essay about my name. Even though I didn't know my name's meaning at that time, I was able to guess the meaning. After school, I asked my father about my name, and he told me that everyone's name is a symbol of himself. My name was my great-grandfather's name, and he was a successful businessman that earned a lot of money. Thus my father sincerely hopes that I can become a successful businessman and have a great career like my great-grandfather.
         However, I recognize that my name not only means confidence and bravery but also to have a successful life in the future because I was born during a Chinese traditional festival. The Mid-Autumn Festival is my favorite festival, and there is a famous mythical story. The story is about a hero name HouYi who saves the world by killing many monsters. In the end, the world is peaceful, and people lead normal lives again. At the same time, I like my name because it sounds good in Chinese pronunciation and has a good meaning. That is why I do not want to change my name in the future when I become a citizen of the United States. Sometimes, my classmates don't know how to spell my name, but I will try my best to teach them.

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