Monday, September 14, 2015

My Name

          My name is Shuyi. In Chinese, it means a quiet pretty lady. I love my name because I am a really quiet girl, so this name really fits me. I do not know why my parents chose these words for my name. Maybe they knew I would be a quiet girl when I was born. Also, my cousins’ names are similar to mine, such as Shuxian, Shuyu, Shuyan. I have heard my mother say, my grandparents designed my cousins’ name and my name to include “Shu” because “Shu” usually describes how pretty the lady is. That is they hope for all of the girl in the family.

            I usually find my name in old Chinese poems, and it always represents the pretty lady. My name has an ancient and nice meaning, and that is why I love it. When I tell my name to Chinese friends, who I meet, most of them will say, “Oh, this is a good name, and easy to remember.” When that happen, I feel very proud because my name is Shuyi.

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