Saturday, September 12, 2015

The name of mine

     Every time I talk to someone about” What’s my name” I  feel a little bit embarrassed. The reason why was the name of “Yongsi” in China, it’s a naive name. When I was just a little girl, it was so cute, but when I grew up, it was no longer cute again.
            What’s more, a few months ago, I settled down in the United stats. One day, I said to foreigner  “My name is Yongsi Liu and you can just call me “VC”. They all thought it was cute and unusual. Especially, so many Americans think my name of VC is like  vitamin C, so they think I’m a healthy person
            How about me to think about my name? I absolutely love my name because it was designed by my grandfather. After I born in my family, my grandfather started to find something Chinese words which were wonderful and suitable for me. Therefor I love it and think I will never change it,because the meaning of the name is hoping me to be more brave, nice and thankful. In addition I attempted to be on my life’s path and growing up. I know some people may change their name so many times, but as for me, I have not.,because I believe my name is something which symbolizes who I am. So I will never change it in my whole life.

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