Saturday, September 12, 2015

my name

August 27, 2015

My Name

       My name is AnQi Zhao. When I moved to the United States, my uncle made the mistake of putting one character of my fist name to the middle name, so in the U.S my name turned to Qi A Zhao.
       My grandfather chose this name for me. I think he picked this name just because it is a pleasant name. For the other reason, every girl in my family like my sisters and cousins all have the some character Qi in our first names. Their names are JiaQi, RuQi, ManQi and ZiQi. Just like us, my father, uncle and my four aunties also have the some character in their first names, but their character is Guo which means nation. Many Chinese people like to name their kids as my grandfather did.

       My name has no meaning in Chinese because it is transliteration of the word angel, so that’s the reason why I chose Angel for my English name even though there are many people have the same name as me.

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