Thursday, September 10, 2015

Famous Name
        In English, my name means graceful. In Chinese, it means soft and joyful. It is not easy to write in Chinese because my name in Chinese characters has many strokes. I have two characters in my first name, but two characters are the same. My Chinese first name has twelve strokes for one word, and the total of my first name is twenty four strokes. Also, my last name means plum blossom in Chinese; however, it means a beautiful flower and very popular in my country. I heard some people had been in Chicago for more than 40 years said at that time they knew many people have last name, Mei. Furthermore, I like the name that my father gave me because in every language that my name has same pronunciation, but the only thing that writing is different. It is easy to remember and say to people who don’t know Chinese. In China, my name is very popular, and many famous people have this name, Tingting. My mother told me that around my village there are two or three people that have the same first name like me. In addition, my father has a friend that his daughter has same first name and last name as me, but both of us were not born at the same time. My father gave this name to me because he wanted me to be beautiful and help people who are around me. This also means that helping people will be better than staying at home. I think people’s name are very important because it may affect their life in the future.
 Plum blossom- Mei      Tingting in Chinese

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