Friday, October 9, 2015

ESL 100

I like nightlife. When the night falls, all the lights turn out in cities. A whole city changes suddenly into an ocean of lights.  At this time, most people would like to go out for fun, including me. When I was in China, after I finished my studies in school, I used to go out to relax my body and mind. Doing sports, going shopping, and enjoying the environment of night were my favorite things to do. These activities could let me feel relaxed and comfortable. However, since I moved to the United States, it has been very difficult for me to find a place to relax. Due to this reason, I had to change my entertainment routine at night. No longer do I do go shopping, do sports, or enjoy wonderful atmosphere as I did years ago.
When I lived in China, shopping was one of my hobbies.  I liked to go shopping at night with my friends, classmates and family. Going shopping was good especially in summer. In China, every city has pedestrian streets with many stalls. Some stalls sell beautiful clothes, various snacks, gadgets, and others daily necessities. Each time I strolled down the pedestrian streets, I was very happy because I could buy some delicious snack, and sometimes I was able to enjoy the silver moon in the sky.  However, Chicago doesn’t have many pedestrian streets at night. Also, malls often close at 9:00 P.M. Therefore, I have to change other entertainment routine at night and a part of me has been used to China.
            Besides shopping, I used to go biking and play badminton with friends in the park near my house in China. Doing exercise can make people strong and fit.  I remember that I used to be 110 pounds. However, through biking and playing badminton, my weight gradually decreased and I got quite fit within two months. Also, I mastered many skills like playing badminton and biking during that time. One of my friends taught me how to play badminton and biking well. Therefore, I was very excited when I played badminton and went biking. However, having a happy feeling while doing exercise has gone since I moved in Chicago.  I do not like to play sports at night in Chicago because I do not have friends that are willing play sports with me in the park. Thus, it has made me feel lonely when I exercised alone. More importantly, some places are too dangerous to do exercise outside at night because there are some gang activities.

 Finally, in the south of China, climate is warm all year round. Thus, the atmosphere at night was great, so I liked to enjoy nightlife after eating dinner. In general, some people go out with their boyfriend or girlfriend and some others go out with the whole of family. People often like to go to night clubs, dance in entertainment square, take a walk, participate in live music shows, and go on lightning tour. The atmosphere of nightlife is always alive at night. This pleasant atmosphere always made refreshed my mind as if it was washed out by rain. Nevertheless, this cheerful atmosphere seems far away from me now. The atmosphere of Chicago is very quiet at night. Stores usually close early, and few people go out do exercise at night for fun. Therefore, this new quiet atmosphere at night in Chicago has not let me feel relaxed or joyful.

 Hence, since I moved to Chicago from china, it has been hard for me to find a place to relax. The atmosphere of Chicago is not as alive as China, and going outside can be very dangerous in some places. Now, I prefer to shop online, and I am more willing to watch movie and listen music at home instead of going outside to relax. Even though I changed my entertainment, I still miss the lifestyle and happy moments of seeing city by the starts at night every day in China.


  1. I also love to shop. It was interesting to read that most of your activities you do it at night because I usually do my activities during the afternoon and when night come I just want to stay at home. I am sorry that you have lost the lifestyle that you had in China.

  2. Your essay made me miss my nightlife in China, too. I also had same activities during night time with my friends or family. Your essay had great explanation on nightlife.

  3. The shops in Chicago close at 8: PM. I do not have enough time to go shopping. Chinese nightlife is very fantastic and excited, and I miss my Chinese nightlife,