Sunday, November 8, 2015

The Family Trip

            In these recent thirty years, China is a country which one developed so fast. It surprised people all over the world, but every step doesn’t improve that easily. China had a series of revolutions, and finally it got the achievement like today. And thousands of Chinese sacrificed a lot for today’s China. In fact, my family is as normal as the most Chinese families. My family had been through the development of China.  That’s also the reason why my family move to the United States. This is my sixth month in the United States, and it’s my father’s seventh year in here, I really appreciated that I could have a chance to have different experience.
            Because of Chinese economic revolution, a lot of factories shut down, and my parents faced the crisis that they would lose their jobs. Finally my father decided to take a chance in Japan. Twenty years ago, the country didn’t need to afford too much country’s factories. Instead, it needed a new economic revolution. In that situation, the Chinese government decided to develop Chinese individual economy and then the government stopped paying lots of state-owned factories. Therefore a lot of state-owned factories shut down and my parents’ state-owned factory also faced challenges. Although their factory was still running, everybody knew the deadline was coming soon. In that situation, when I was a baby all the family’s burden came to my father. Japan is a developed country, so finally he resigned his job at the factory and went to Japan as a cook.
About two years later my father came back from Japan and Chinese individual economic revolution, stock market had started to developed after two years passed. The steps of Chinese revolution never stopped. However, it was just the start of Chinese stock market, and the market was unmeasured, there were some parts unclear. Then people called them grey areas”. When my father came back he took back all the money he saved in Japan. He was the same as thousands of Chinese people who wanted to be rich in one night. A lot of inside information came from “his friends”, so he carried the greedy dream and couldn’t wait any moment. He put all his money into the stock market. At first, he earned a lot, nearly like three times more than before. Unfortunately soon after he lost all his money. It was miniature of most Chinese who wanted to be rich at one night.
  He got another chance to work in the U.S and he still dreamed to be rich, he complained all the time about the differences between America and China. Because of the stress from family and the difficulty of finding jobs in China, he got the chance to work in the United States, eventually he got the green card to apply mom and me come to Chicago. Chicago was the place which always showed up in my dream, also a place where my dad wanted to achieve his “American Dream”. He still can’t be rich one night in America, he always complain about how America stupid is and how much rich people he knows in China.

The next generation, as my generation, can through study hard to achieve dreams. Nowadays, more and more Chinese people immigrate to the U.S. Some of them are international students, some of them because of work problems. We all work so hard and want to stay here to create our new world. We finally arrived in a new land. People who came to the U.S because of different reasons. But this country isn’t heaven. It’s a world full of competitions. New immigration used to have the stories in their motherland and will start another new chapter in USA. Even though I don’t know where my future is, I am supposed to appreciate it and achieve the first dream I used to have. 


  1. Your family history is very interesting. You have good explanation on your father's hard working and his dream. Of course, family can force people to fight for better life for them. Overall, your introduction and conclusion was very clear.

  2. I like the way you concluced. It suprised me. I think it is a good way to learn how to make a good concluction.

  3. I like your introduction, your introduction very attract readers to read your essay.In your body paragraphs had enough detail explanation your father experiences.You did a great job.

  4. Your family experience made me feel inspired.There is only one thing that makes a dream impossible to achieve: the fear of failure. I also believe that nothing is impossible.

  5. Your family experience made me feel inspired.There is only one thing that makes a dream impossible to achieve: the fear of failure. I also believe that nothing is impossible.

  6. Hello,
    Interesting! I liked your father even I don't know him. Seems like he is the person who never give up from his dream. It is really good. You explained very well. Thanks for sharing your family's experience

  7. Hi your essay is really interesting and organize. Your introduction is the one that capture my attention to read more about your family history because I wanted to know about your two experiences.
    thank you for sharing